I’ve been playing the Neverwinter beta for a few hours as a lovely Half Orc Guardian Fighter.

This is going to be a free to play MMO from the get go so no monthly fee is a good start. Wether this is a good thing or not I’m not going to be able to judge that on a few hours of this weekend beta. I will say it’s pretty fun from what I’ve played.

It’s a standard fantasy MMO at it’s core with the world of Dungeons & Dragons driving it forward. Certainly a great setting to choose for an MMO. The combat is action based, kinda like DC Universe Online where you move around, blocking with the right mouse button and attacking with the left. The number keys are assigned to special attacks and potions. I definitely prefer this system over the pressing of number keys till monsters die any day. You have to be more spacially aware as well as tactically.

Quests are given in the usual way, through people with icons above their heads, some have spoken dialogue and some don’t. I haven’t had to do any fetching yet, nor have I needed to backtrack. It’s always moving fowards which is reassuring.

I’m not sure how I feel about the art direction and design. It’s funtional yet doesn’t really strike me with any emotion. It’s playing it safe I guess.

There are quite a few different races to choose from which is nice, since being D&D there is always a variety of choice.

Just like the also Cryptic created Star Trek Online there will be something called The Foundry where players can create their own content for all to play. This is definitely a brilliant feature to have and it works so well in STO. I can see myself playing Neverwinter for this reason alone.

I’ve no idea when Neverwinter will be out but it’s coming along nicely.

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