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Kris runs this blog from the United Kingdom of Britain.
Essentially I'm a fellow who is inspired by games and post whatever I find interesting.

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Every drive is a journey, a conversation, a philosophy….

Go drive here

The Deleted Scenes of No One Lives Forever...

Yesssss: No One Lives Forever Finally Getting Re-Released | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

A glimmer of hope in the No One Lives Forever situation, I think we can safely expect it to appear on GOG or Steam some time in the future! Hurray!

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel first gameplay and commentary

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - Dial Tone

Possible co-op? I hope so.


I am Elite.

Sparta Vs Epirus. Sparta wins.

NIDHOGG, the most exciting two player dueling game is finally being released on 13th of January. YEA!

My favourite RPG soundtrack, Suikoden II.


Fallout 1 to Fallout New Vegas

I’ve finally finished No One Lives Forever 2. Just look at these wonderful credits. It’s spoiler free, the cut scene gives nothing away, brilliant game. Someone needs to get these re released, SOMEHOW. I know the rights are lost in the dark corporate abyss but more people need to play these gems.

  • That people didn't like The Bureau XCOM Declassified, and I can understand why but it's still a well made game. It's more like ghost busting in the 1960's than an actual XCOM game. I like it.

First battle as Rome with the dreaded enemy Carthage.

The end result of the Rome Vs Epirus battle and some shots from various battles against the minor Veneti tribe who I just wiped out.

Niclas Kjellström Matseke

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